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Rainbow Gathering

All of the people of the Earth Living in Harmony with the Planet.



California National Gathering 2004
Chasing the Rainbow
Touches upon the Tree sitting and saving old growth forests, The Indian issue, Drum circles and fire twirling at night, Indepth focus on the Kid Parade, (This video does not have alot of the day time 4th celebration) Talent Show(although not well light), Rainbow Philosophy, Reggae Medicine Show , Aloha campfire song, PopCorner music and other campfire night scenes, AGR--Online Rainbow council, Warriors of light kitchen scenes and before dinner prayer and lots of misc. general gathering scenes , meditation, massage, Jerlusem camp, Krishnas

Cal 2004 DVD............................................................ $9.99

Cal 2004 1 hour Video Tape................................... $9.99
Also recieve additional free footage containing 37min. of 1982 Idaho Gathering (Black and white and soundless except for cool music over donated freely from Trygg Heitz) International Customers must pay actual shipping and insurance.

Utah National Gathering 2003
Rainbow Visions
Includes riding the shuttle, Walking down the trail, scenes of belly dancing ,african dancing, contact dancing workshops, meaning of Earth Unity Flag, Hip story over dub, Lot of 4th day time drum circle celebration scenes , Medicine Wheel at night -Dark and shadowy, Includes some chants, trade circle, Also includes scenes of Colorado Regional
Utah 2003 DVD ........................................................... $9.99

Utah2003 & Montana 2000 " 2 Hour Video Tape" $9.99
International Customers must pay actual shipping and insurance.
Montana National Gathering 2000
Rainbow Dream
This was originally filmed on an Analog Video Camera so the video qualitity is not as crisp as the other films, but this film does caputure some strong visual scenes from the talent show very well. This film is more of a fast edit video and has scenes of cool buses the whole camp. Has interview of what Rainbow means to people, Rainbow Dream poem, flags and banners, kite, para-glider Teepee Circle, trade circle, people doing various things like cutting water melon and juggling Devil sticks, etc. etc. There are some editting flaws on the "Video Version" of this.
Montana 2000 DVD...................................................

Utah2003 & Montana 2000 " 2 hour Video Tape" $9.99
International Customers must pay actual shipping and insurance.
2000 2003 2004
ainbow films on 3 DVDs or Video
Free 1982 Idaho National Gathering
No film will ever be the definative film of Rainbow because Rainbow is always changing and depends upon the people who come and the luck of what the film maker happens to film. These films all offer their unique elements of the Rainbow Experience and fit together like peices of a puzzle trying to bring into focus the bigger picture.
2000 2003 2004 DVD's....................................................................
BONUS and SAVINGS Also recieve additional free DVD footage containing 37min of 1982 Idaho Gathering(Black and white and soundless except for cool music over donated freely from Trygg Heintz)
and save on shipping !

2000 2003 2004 on 2 two hour Video tapes...............................
BONUS and SAVINGS Also recieve free additional footage containing 37min of 1982 Idaho Gathering(Black and white and soundless except for cool music over donated freely from Trygg Heintz) and
save on shipping !

International Customers must pay actual shipping and insurance.

Although these films were not made professionally,
they offer inspiration and historical preservation that is priceless.
Read the movie Reviews....

awesome movie. filmed with respect and commitment to a better world. Thankyou.
Totally original and different, great if you can't get to a gathering! A++++++
What a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing your experiences, mama --> A+++++
thanks alot great video! keep up the good work and word.
thank you for the inspiration and education, love the video
very cool video,realy learned some neat stuff realy love the drumming thanks a+
Very cool video! Wish we were there! Nice handcrafted necklace too! Thanks!!
aWeSoMe ViDeo !!!! ThaNKS FoR THe FaST SHiPPiNG SiSTa !!!! PeaCe

got the 3 videos you sent today,what a treat!!The 2 hour video was
great lots of good scenery and lots of colorfull people and great sound

I watched the 37 min 1982 Idaho rainbow gathering 3 times,I
could see my tent but not myself in the film,it brought tears to my eyes.

Read below my thoughts on why I sell my video's



To the Conscious Revolution

More Questions?
Blessed Be...Email Me Sun_Gypsy


Here is why I don't put my films on the free archive.

If you put something on there, you must agree to the following:

Dedicator recognizes that, once placed in the public domain, the Work
may be freely reproduced, distributed, transmitted, used, modified,
built upon, or otherwise exploited by anyone for any purpose,
commercial or non-commercial, and in any way, including by methods that
have not yet been invented or conceived.


I take that to mean it could be used for commercials and advertising,
the images could be sold by anyone and they can do any thing to it,
make a documenty using the images showing how bad rainbow is, anything
for ever and there will be no stopping it in anyway.  I don't want to
give my video's to corporate control.

I am the creator, editor and producer for this film and I concider it to be an
art work to me and I want to send it out like seeds to grow.
But the cost one person to subsidize the whole
planet with my films would be huge...the way I see it is people geit my films then they could make
copies and the costs would be spread out and they could be given to friends... yet I have been called a
profiteer and Drainbow .  This is after I made 4 differnent gatherings available
to Family with free streaming through Spun's site
I also state right on my videos that they can be copied
for home use and I introduced Spun to my friend Trygg to get his 1982
Idaho video on Spun's site.   Trygg has agreed to allow me to send
one of his videos when I sell one of mine because Trygg knows I have
good intentions and am not just all about profit. I have givin away PLENTY to people I
personally have met (including Neil Young and Woody Harleson) and
concidering all expenses involved haven't made any money over all....
My films are made to inspire
positive change and that I have donated my time
to raising money for foodbank and Green party and Suistainable living
fair and donated the use of my house built of mostly recycled materials
for a benefit tour of Solar homes to raise money for the Solar Energy
Society and donated my time to get inititive on ballots and written
articles for the Earth Consciousness section of the Healing Path
Magazine about saving the earths resources and  Trygg knows the costs
of actually distributing a real tangabile Video or DVD and sees my adding it on as a
way to get his film seen as well.  I am just an
individual making each copy  I don't have the resourses of the  GAIAM
company (the Exercize Ball company (who made possible Rainbow Spirit)
to mass produce... who also makes videos and DVD's as part of their kit
when you purchase a ball) I imagine they wrote off that tape
production as adventising because they put their name at the
beginning... and what ever they did I don't feel the right to critisize
them, I am glad for their film and support their efforts totally.  I am
not associated with a museam (the 1st Gathering video availabe for $15.00 plus
$5.00 shipping for 1 hour film)...I can't claim
part of a video sell benefit something else....if you use their
pricing on my video... 2 hours 2 gatherings for $9.99 plus $2.00
shipping you see that if I charged what they do, my video would be
worth $40.00  And I totally support this tape also and they have the
right to charge what ever they want. My point is if I was just about profit
I would charge more.  

So before you critize an individual
who can't afford to give everyone with a bellybutton a tape think about
this.   Think if you could aford all the equiment a Tape,
$2.00shipping, packaging, expensive color printer ink for expensive
sticky lables software for creating lables and editing footage, 2 vcrs,
Dvd player, taking up two hours of electricity to make a copy... and
yes that is a big deal to me because I live in a Solar house, and don't
even concider the hours of time I have to address and take the package
to ship. And I am not rich I don't even have health insurance.  Do you
as an individual really have time and money to do this free?    If you
don't, then don't critize others.

I think we need to be supportive of people
making Rainbow tapes available (period.) I know personally of several
other tapes that aren't being made available because of this bad
attitude of putting people down for selling. Those people either can't
afford Free to the whole world or don't want to have to deal with this
militant against a sell... your not Rainbow attitude. I think with the
way less elders are coming to gatherings and the rising costs of gas to
get to gatherings and the government suppression of gatherings because
of permits, these gatherings may not even be happening in the future.
So having several films available for Rainbow history and a
chance to see what went on at gatherings we can't
get to, are important.  And we have to somehow educate people in advance
about how it all works and especially dealing with trash, alchohol . They need to know
that it isn't just a big party in the woods. In my opinion I would rather have counter
culture films availabe than supressed in this time of mega-media
corportate mind control, and that is why I don't want to give my tapes
over to the free archive because it gives away the control of how the
film is used to mass media corporate interests.

I want to the see the world changed to a more wholistic and
long term view living in harmony with each other and the planet and I don't want to
see my films used in any other way. That is why
I let Spun streaming my videos and why I introduced Trygg to
Spun. It is not that I won't let my video's be shown, it is that If they are used
in some way I don't agree with I could stop it.
When I go to gatherings I bring coolers full of organic homegrown
produce, I have given people rides, I donate to the magic hat, I work in kitchens I have dug
shitters, I have put on workshops on suistainable living... There are many colors in a
Rainbow. Just because I don't want corporate interest to control my films
and can't afford to give everyone in the world a free tape doesn't mean I don't see the vision.
May the Forest Be with You!

If you still disagree with any film from ever being sold...then take responsiblity for
creating the supression of lots other Rainbow films that are out there sitting in drawers instead of changing the world.

And PS. don't think just because the counter on this page is high that many people have bought a tape from me.
... This page has had many incarnations ever since 1997 and I have used the same counter...

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